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Happy clients are sending me their progress pictures all the time. Read what my satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with my fitness training methods and programs. Online coaching may seem like results aren't that great but look below and see what others have to say for their weight loss success! Weight loss comes easy if you follow the plan that Perry's Powerhouse lays out for you! I became a personal trainer because helping others lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle is a passion of mine! If you do not lose weight with my online fitness coaching then I failed as a coach and I do not like failure! If you are hesitant about it give me a call or go back to my home page and see the results in person! Weight loss does not have to be confusing let me help you with my online fitness coaching plans! 

If you are on the fence about it and have made it this far use code FRESHSTART25 for 25% off online coaching at checkout! I could have started off with the code to make it simple but I know if you have read this far into my fitness coaching you are somewhat ready to make the leap to online fitness coaching so the code is to give you that little extra incentive to start losing weight, burning fat, and building overall muscle mass just like you need with Perry's Powerhouse Fitness coaching! Also if you are a Veteran, Police office, First responder, or in the Healthcare field use code ARMSTRONG50 in memory of my Fallen brother SGT Andre Armstrong and receive 50% off. I do not check but I believe you will use honor and integrity while using code, if I do find out you aren't one of the above plan will be canceled with no refund.

 Perry's Powerhouse Fitness

Brandon Reed

Perry's Powerhouse is the best weight loss service in the Mansfield, Ohio area. He helped me lose fat build muscle all while correcting my mindset for a more positive and motivated day!

Shannon Volz

I met Kyle from Perry's Powerhouse while tattooing him in the Mansfield, Ohio area he talked to me about how important losing weight, burning fat, and building muscle are while having such a stagnant job as tattooing. Best decision I ever made was signing up with Perry's Powerhouse weight loss services!

Mariah Davis

At first it was my Husband that signed up with Perry's Powerhouse I made a joke how Kyle from Perry's Powerhouse took my husband from homeless to model in just a few months so I knew Perry's Powerhouse weight loss services were no joke!