Weight loss forever

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Weight loss forever

Do you want to lose weight but you have tried over and over again to only GAIN the weight back or add even MORE weight than you did before you lost it? Let me guess you cut out all the foods you LOVE because you wanted to lose weight as fast as possible? Well that was your very first mistake you have to look as weight loss as a very long marathon not a race. The slower you lose the weight while enjoying the process the higher the percentage you keep the weight off is. If you lost 1 lb a month for 12 months straight that is a total of 12 lbs of PURE fat loss and it was not as hard as starving yourself to lose 40 lbs to then gain 30 lbs back to only net a total weight loss of 10 lbs in a year.

It is not just you I promise this is how 95% of people try to lose weight/ diet when they finally gain the motivation to lose the weight they gained. 95% of diets fail and it is not because weight loss is hard but it is because people are using the wrong tools and trying to go for extreme vs the slow controlled and easier route because lets face it in todays society we want the quick results or the fast "diet pill" or the next fad diet because your cousins 3rd sister twice removed and once put back in lost 52 lbs on keto. Well hate to break it to you but the way she lost that weight statistics show she will gain it back 95% of the time because she did not take the time to build the healthy lifestyle and forced herself to do a non sustainable diet and that will never hold up long term.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off start with simple things like switching full flavor pop to zero sugar pop (I promise you'll get cancer from the sun before you get cancer from pop) Switch out your shredded cheese for fat free cheese, switch out your hamburger bun for a carb master bun higher in protein and lower in carbs. Utilize protein to keep you fuller for longer periods of time and then snack if you want a snack here is a sample diet I suggest to my clients, it taste great and has ton of protein options to help build lean mass while they lose fat.

The goal behind this list is to give you as many options as possible to find lower calorie foods then what you are eating at each meal! The best way proven by science to add lean muscle mass and burn fat is 5 meals a day with ATLEAST 20-30 grams of protein per meal, this guide will help you reach those requirements as well as teach you some food ideas you can add if you are struggling. You can also add in your own foods all that is important is that you are CONSISTENTLY hitting your macros and tracking ALLLL food with a food scale, yes liquids must be tracked as well!

The foods below are different healthy options it is not needed, but can give you an idea how to eat make sure you follow the calories provided to you at the top of the page, and welcome to the team!

Breakfast ideas:

Option 1: Flapped jacked mighty muffin cup (found at Walmart, and Kroger)

1 serving of fairlife milk, I used the 2% chocolate version it’s also lactose free!!!

Option 2: Kodiak cup muffins (little higher in calories than flapped jacked but taste better)

1 serving of fairlife milk

Option 3: 2 slices of bread soaked in 150 grams of egg whites cooked into healthy French toast

(Egg whites can be bought in a carton beside the eggs)

1 serving of sugar free syrup

1 serving of fresh fruit on top

2 sprays of spray butter for extra flavor

Option 4: Kodiak pancake or waffles (bought at Walmart or Kroger)

1 serving sugar free syrup

2 sprays of spray butter for extra flavor

Option 5: Oats freshly or pre made

1 scoop of predator protein from Killer Labz Perryspowerhouse15 saves you 15%

Option 6: IF you can not or will not eat breakfast you can make

Protein coffee

12 oz of coffee with 1 scoop of predator protein from Killer Labz

Use code Perryspowerhouse15 for 15% off

Then use a frother (can be found on Amazon for a few bucks) to mix!

Lunch ideas:

Option 1: Perry’s Powerhouse Pizza (homemade protein pizza)

1 Joseph’s heart friendly Pita bread (found at Walmart)

1 serving choice of pizza sauce

2 servings fat free cheese

1 serving of turkey pepperoni slices or 3 slices of turkey cut up as topping

Add 1 serving of banana peppers or any veggie!

Cook in air fryer 350 degrees for 8 mins or bake in oven until crispy!

Option 2: Perry’s Powerhouse Pizza (homemade protein pizza) chicken version

1 Joseph’s heart friendly Pita bread (found at Walmart)

4 oz of shredded chicken

1 serving of Alfredo sauce

2 servings of fat free cheese

Option 3: lower carb chicken wrap

6 oz shredded chicken (low calorie sauce of choice)

Low carb wrap of choice

Lettuce and other veggies to liking

1 serving of fat free cheese

Dinner ideas

Option 1: Chicken and potato dinner

6 oz chicken

1 potato with 1 serving of fat free cheese and 1 serving of reduced fat sour cream

Veggies of choice

Option 2:

1 scoop of Level-1 protein (or protein of choice)

1 apple

Option 3:

4 oz of beef with taco seasoning

1 low carb wrap

1 serving of fat free cheese

1 serving of fat reduced sour cream

Sauce of choice and veggies of choice

Pre bed ideas

Option 1: 1 serving of Greek yogurt

½ serving of peanut butter

1 serving of pb2 powder

Option 2: 1 serving of Greek yogurt

1 serving of chocolate chips

½ serving of peanut butter

Option 3: Smoothie blend to taste

1 serving of Greek yogurt

1 scoop of protein

1 serving of frozen fruit

ON THE GO protein ideas

Option 1: ready to drink protein

Option 2: prepackaged wrap

Option 3: beef Jerky

Check out my coaching pages below if you want to learn how to lose weight while eating foods you love with my online personal training!

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