Is Weight loss possible with an online personal trainer?

Online personal trainer weight loss results
3 kids and still lost weight!

Can you lose weight with an online personal trainer and have successful weight loss? Well yes, YES YOU CAN! is it possible for everyone? No it is not possible for everyone and I am going to tell you why. If you asked me a few years ago I would have had a different answer but now that I have been doing online personal training for 5 plus years now I know some people just cant find the motivation needed to look at their phone and then go do the workouts the plan tells them to do. If you can dig deep to hold yourself accountable until you check in with your online personal trainer/ coach weekly or every few days then yes your weight loss results can be more than you expected! If you slack off and do not trust the process and continue to make excuse after excuse after excuse then you will fail 100% of the time regardless how great the coach is. I am a big believer in the coach does not make the client, the client makes the coach, My clients who had the best results are clients who have had dedication and motivation the whole 16-20-25 weeks they were training with me as their online weight loss coach/ personal trainer. Shout out to my two clients who are Husband and Wife Anthony and Mariah Davis those to are prime examples of clients who took everything 100% serious and have kept their results even after almost a year of not being a part of my program (they still follow the principles learned through Perry's Powerhouse Fitness programs)

The picture above is actually a picture of my wife, on the left she had been a year in to having our 3rd child, she had became relaxed and started to get in the mom grove like the rest of the world sometimes falls in to, but I promise you health is wealth and she feels so much better and can even more time with our kids now because she has her drive and energy back from being at a healthy weight and has the energy to keep up with the kiddos. The excuse you are busy will never be a good excuse in our eyes because we have 3 kids, 3 dogs, and a cat. We both work a full time job she works 40 plus hours and I work 60 plus hours and she is attending college to go to school to be a nurse and I also write blogs for myself and trainerize So trust me when I say if you want it and need it bad enough you will find and HAVE the time. People ask me all the time how do you work, take care of kids, run a business, write blogs, make YouTube videos, and manage all of your social media sites? Well the answer is simple I create a routine and work at optimizing my time at 100% 365 days a year. If you can promise yourself a year of building a healthy lifestyle then it will become second nature and I have the faith you too can become successful in achieving weight loss and keep it off, 2022 is approaching and I want you to kill all of your dreams and then some just have faith in yourself and operate at 100% daily!! Check out my pages below!

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