How much does a personal trainer cost?

Weight loss coach
Perry's Powerhouse Fitness (online personal trainer)

The quick answer is it all depends on the certifications and qualifications of a coach. I charge $107 a month for my online weight loss coaching, some coaches charge 200-500 a month but I try to offer a low enough price clients can afford and still give them the best bang for their buck. I have to pay for the training platform and nutrition platform I use so the 107 is not all profit so I understand why coaches charge more than this, but this seemed like a fair enough price for myself as well as my clients.

A reason I chose this price is because I use to charge $30 a month but clients just seemed to not try as hard on the plan, if you pay a decent amount of something you will take the programming more serious when you see that $107 price come out monthly in your bank account statement. The busier I get the more the price will start to raise because once you get overloaded there comes a time when no matter how many clients are paying the $107 a month the amount of work to maintain 200 clients starts to not be worth the price point. When I get to the 250 client a month point again I will be charging 200 a month so I can reinvest into marketing, paying other online coaches and put my company in ads and other routes of marketing!

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