Can you spot reduce fat?

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Spot reducing fat?

The age old question I get at least on a weekly basis, can you spot reduce fat?

A person's genetics is what determines when and where fat will be removed from their body. The first thing you have to do to start losing body fat is to get into a calorie deficit and stay there in a consistent period of time. The best way to find out wat calories you should be consuming on a daily basis is at this website type in your height, weight, age and activity levels. The formula will then spit you out your maintenance calories which means if you ate those calories every day you would not lose or gain weight. The next step is to click on cutting calories I tend to use the higher protein version which you can choose from three different options on the website. Once you are consistently in a calorie deficit week after week after week you will begin to lose 1-2 lbs. a week following those calories depending on how active you are throughout the week and if you decided to add cardio and other activities to put you in a steeper deficit. I do not recommend losing more than 1-2% of your body weight in fat a week or you will begin to lose muscle which is needed to help your body burn fat more effectively. This is how you will begin your weight loss journey you will also need a food scale to ensure you are measuring foods correctly to hit the calories you need to hit.

The topic at hand can you spot reduce fat once you are in a deficit? No your genetics choose how your body will lose that fat you have stored on your body. My body chooses to take it from my face, back and legs before my stomach and once I have been in a deficit around 4-5 weeks that is when my stomach fat tends to start going away after I do a cut from a bulking phase. The point is do not get disappointed if you do not lose fat where you want to lose fat at first it will come it just takes time and consistency! If you have any other questions check out my full website or contact me at

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