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Your Fitness Guru in Mansfield, Ohio focusing on online fitness through a flexible diet and more movement

A healthy lifestyle starts with a fit body. As your fitness trainer Perry's Powerhouse will identify your fitness goals, design a program that fits your needs and lead you through every workout. If you need help with weight loss, fat loss, personal training, or looking for a weight loss service in the Mansfield, Ohio area or any other area for that matter, you found the right place! I take pride in the fitness community and I am ready to show you, you do not need a complicated boring chicken, rice, and veggies diet to see results. You can and will eat foods you love on my program and see just as good of results as if you were eating that bland boring diets fake fitness coaches swear by! Its easy to tell people to eat 3-4 items what's not easy is a detailed planned with foods you love so online fitness coaches go the easy route and make you the standard chicken, rice and veggies fitness plan.

I’ve been helping clients in the Mansfield, Ohio area change the way they look and feel since 2017. My experience and holistic approach to health and fitness will hopefully inspire you to join me on this life-changing, mind and body journey. What are you waiting for? I’m here to help. Put on those trainers, pack your bag and let’s start your fitness journey! If you are on the fence about what I can do for you in your weight loss, fat loss, or personal training journey check out my before and after page! I work hard for my clients and my passion runs deep for personal training helping others with weight loss, fat loss and building muscle has been a passion of mine since I joined the Marine Corps in 2013. I operate off the Honor, Courage, and Commitment principles and I carry those same principle into business so I take my personal training certifications very serious! If you want to lose weight, lose fat, build muscle and hire one of the best certified coaches around I am the one! I have taken over six certification classes through ISSA. The amount of certifications I earned through ISSA has made me an ISSA: Master trainer including the following certifications: Personal training, weight loss specialist, bodybuilding specialist, transformation specialist, nutritionist, and glute specialist. I have the drive and passion to help people all over the world not just Mansfield, Ohio where I train clients in person so lets get you started on your weight loss, fat loss, and muscle building personal training adventure today! 

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